A person will be just about as happy as they make up their minds to be.
Abraham Lincoln



Garth Hardin and UIUC Veteran TBI

Our brains are as soft as easy spread butter and can be injured by a soccer ball or a bomb blast. Until recently, UIUC veterans we sent home with invisible battle wounds that changed their lives. Awareness of our vulnerability and lifest...

Scotomaville UIUC Ethical Story Guidelines

In order to build and maintain trust with participants, and the UIUC community, Scotomaville participants should uphold a decent standard of story telling. Building a corpus as an ethical training set for AI and humans to learn from requ...

The Imperative Impediment Prelude for UIUC

IMPERATIVE requiring attention or action : IMPEDIMENT something immaterial that interferes with action or progress : PRO​LOGUE : an introduction or event that comes before or introduces to a book or play...